Android: make a splash screen until the app is ready

In Android it’s easy to make a splash screen not time based, but showed only until the application is not ready. First of all we have to create a drawable xml file. This file will be the splash screen.

Then we have to set it into our own theme, in the styles.xml file. For […]

Android: email validation

To check if an email is valid, for example an email inserted in an edit text by the user, there is an easy way in android.

Through the method above you can easily validate an email.

Android: simple animate layout

There is an easy way to animate a layout status (visible/gone) change in Android. In the xml layout file you have to set true the value “animateLayoutChanges” under the container of the elements will appear/disappear. For example:

In this simple way android will automatically animate any visibility change on your layout; just change the […]